Cardiovascular diseases in Africa: e-cardiology training

In Africa, the diseases of the 21st century are already here. Cardiovascular diseases and strokes have become a real public health problem. These chronic diseases are now responsible for more deaths than malaria and tuberculosis, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). But above all, these pathologies are part of the procession of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and are essentially linked to lifestyle (especially sedentary lifestyle), diet (too much fat and sugar) and the environment (pollution, urbanization). One of the most sensitive data concerns blood pressure: it is estimated that about a quarter of people over 20 years of age suffer from hypertension (HTA). Hypertension is all the more worrying because it is not recognized by the population and is rarely detected. It is diagnosed too late, when complications are already present. The UNFM, through the establishment of the e-NCD platform, supports the continuing education of doctors and frontline health care workers through the e-cardiology program, prepared and delivered by African cardiology experts.

The platform
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Scientific coordination of the program :

Pr Ali Brahima Touré (Niger) - Pr Jean François Thébaut (France)